C Programming Course Yelahanka Bangalore

In this training institute, on enrolling to C programming course, student will be getting coaching to write programs using C programming language. This is the vital course which makes programming fundamentals strong. C being widely used programming language, students’ pursing school/college or an adult who wants to get a hold on programming can pursue this course. Even though it is a very easy course, learning step by step is very essential. For any programming language this is the first building block. This institute is renowned for coaching C Programming Course in Yelahanka and entire Bangalore with affordable fees.
In this training institute, the coaching of C Programming Course begins with History and advantages of C and continues with the structure, syntax, execution and debugging. Then student is introduced to operators, conditional statements, looping, array, functions, strings, structure, pointers and file handling. In addition, this course also provides coaching on advanced topics like storage class. In Yelahanka, Bangalore this is the coaching centre which covers vast syllabus.
The total duration of this C Programming Course in Yelahanka Bangalore is 40hrs which can be tailored based on student requirement and availability. Duration covers both theory and lab coaching sessions.
C programming course consists of 20 theory and 20 lab sessions which will be conducted consecutively. Additional theory and lab revision classes will be conducted on request by the student or if faculty feels that student needs additional classes.
Each theory class will be followed by brainstorming lab session which helps student to understand the language and concept effectively. It’s mandatory for students to do the Lab sessions in the training institute. During the course, if student is absent, special classes (not the pre-recorded one) will be organised based on student availability in training institute.
From the time Digitech institute in Yelahanka Bangalore, is known for its effective and practical coaching.
After completing this course in this coaching institute, the fear of basic programming will be gone forever. Due to the syllabus designed, effective classes and faculties who encourages to ask doubts and clears them; you will be thorough in fundamentals of programming skills and can write programs in C language without others help. And also, you will be prepared to take up further advanced courses like Oops.

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Syllabus of C programming course

  • What is a Program?
  • Representation of program
  • History of ‘C’ language
  • Advantages & application of ‘C’
  • Structure of a program
  • printf() function
  • Debugging & execution of a Program
  • Escape sequences
  • Sample program
  • What is variable?
  • Naming convention
  • What is data types?
  • Types of data types
  • Format specifiers
  • Scanf() functions
  • What is operator?
  • Types of operator
  • Unary operators with example
  • Binary operator with example
  • Ternary operator with example
  • Swapping technique
  • What is conditional statement?
  • ‘If’ statement
  • ‘If else’ statement
  • ‘If else if’ statement
  • Nested ‘if else’
  • ‘switch()’ statement
  • Why we need looping statement?
  • Elements of looping statement
  • ‘while’ loop
  • ‘do while’
  • ‘for’ loop
  • Nested ‘for’ loop
  • Programs using loop
  • Break & Continue
  • Goto & Label
  • What is array?
  • Types of array
  • Single dimensional array
  • Sorting technique – Bubble sort
  • Creating & managing 2D array
  • Linear search
  • Introduction to function
  • Types of function
  • Types of user defined function
  • Recursive function
  • Introduction to pointers
  • Pointers with arithmetic operators
  • Pointers with array (single dimensional array)
  • Pointers with function (call by reference)
  • What is structure?
  • Difference between array & structure
  • Structure with array
  • Structure with pointers
  • Structure with functions
  • Introduction to strings
  • In-built strings functions
  • Opening file
  • Reading & writing file
  • Closing file
  • Auto
  • Register
  • Static
  • External
C Programming Course Yelahanka Bangalore

Learning high level languages are very important but learning them directly without learning C programming doesn’t make a robust programmer.
C programming language even after 3 decades is in high demand because, when we learn C course, we get to know how machine, operating system and algorithms functions as major operating system’s kernels, databases are written in C program.
In this modern era, we cannot lead a normal life without automatic machines like alarm clock, washing machine, sensor and many more. These machines with embedded systems in it are most probably programmed in C.
Also, in coming times, when parallel programming becomes the future of programming, C is required to build parallel processors.
According to Tiobe index as of Dec. 2017, C ranks second in top programming languages.
Job opportunities after completing the course are vast, Learning C is beneficial not only for job purpose but also because it is the mother of all programming languages and thus it becomes essential to start learning curve from C. Based on latest 2017 December survey, C language ranked sixth in Indeed Job Openings.

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