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We provide excellent Java Training in Bangalore from best trainers. Digitech Academy is the best training institute for learning platform independent and open source technology Java. It is recommended to learn Java technology with prior knowledge of C and C++. In this institute Digitech Academy - Java Training Bangalore Yelahanka, student will get to know that learning this technology is not only learning the language but also learning the API. And student’s will also get to know that why developers are not expected to learn all of the JAVA API. From decades JAVA is extensively used for software development, with no signs of decline, after learning, students will appreciate the underlying reason for it to remain so popular.
In Java Training Bangalore, students will learn to code and debug using JAVA. This course starts from introduction of Java IDE and takes student to tour of JAVA in depth. Data types, looping and usage of object and classes are dealt to perfection. Important and most widely used library classes of JAVA are taught with wide examples. And the course ends by exposing students to database’s concepts and how to use JDBC in order to develop database oriented software. In addition to this, students are made to create an application which uses all the learn concepts.
To complete Core Java Syllabus total duration of 40hrs is required, which can be completed based on student's requirement and availability. This duration consists of 20 theory and 20 lab sessions which will be conducted consecutively. Additional theory and lab revision classes will be provided on demand and requirement. If student requires whole sessions will be conducted again without any additional fees. Each theory class will be followed by brainstorming lab session which helps student to understand the course and concepts effectively. During the course, if student is absent, special classes (not the pre-recorded one) will be organized based on student availability.
Student after completing this Core JAVA course, will be ready to start their carrier on JAVA platform. Completion of this course open door to learn Android and J2EE.

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Syllabus of Core Java programming course

  • Introduction to JAVA
  • Key features of the Java
  • Java development environment
  • Create JAVA application
  • Run JAVA program from the command line and IDE
  • Working with JAVA data types
  • Casting of primitive data types
  • Conditional and looping statements in JAVA
  • Describing objects & classes
  • Defining fields and methods
  • Methods with argument and return value, including overloaded methods
  • Creating and using objects
  • Creating and overloading constructors.
  • static & this keyword
  • Applying encapsulation principles to a class
  • Differentiate between the object reference variable and primitive variable.
  • Introduction to Packages
  • Creating user defined Packages
  • Inheritance & Demonstration of polymorphism
  • Using super & final keyword
  • Abstract class and abstract methods.
  • Creating and using interfaces
  • Introduction to Exception
  • How exceptions alter normal program flow.
  • Five keywords in Exception handling
  • Checked and Unchecked exception
  • Exception propagation (recognizing common exception classes)
  • Creating & manipulating strings
  • Manipulating data using the StringBuilder and its methods.
  • Wrapper classes (Autoboxing & Unboxing)
  • Introduction to Internationalization
  • Introduction to localization.
  • Example for locale class.
  • Concurrency/Multithreading
  • Introduction to process and threads
  • Thread objects
  • Life cycle of threads
  • Defining and starting a thread
  • Thread class methods(sleep, join, isAlive, suspend etc.,)
  • Introduction to Daemon threads
  • Thread scheduler
  • Thread priority
  • Executer Interface
  • Thread pooling
  • Synchronization
  • Introduction about deadlock situation, starvation/livelock
  • Introduction to I/O and file handling
  • Buffered input & output
  • File input/output
  • Compress and decompress files
  • Serialization/de serialization
  • Collection framework
  • Introduction to Collection Interfaces
  • List Interface: ArrayList, LinkedList
  • ArrayList vs LinkedList
  • Set Interface: Hash set, Tree Set, Linked hash
  • Map Interface: HashMap, TreeMap, HashTable
  • HashMap vs HashTable
  • SortedMap / SortedSet
  • GUI & CUI
  • Creating simple application using AWT
  • Creating simple application with swings
  • Difference between AWT and Swing components
  • Introduction to RDBMS
  • ORACLE – Introduction to tables & record
  • ORACLE – Creation of table.
  • ORACLE – CRUD of records in table
  • ORACLE – Constraints – Primary & Foreign Key
  • ORACLE – SELECT Command
  • JDBC API & architecture
  • JDBC Drivers & SQL syntax
  • CRUD operations using JDBC
  • Creating JDBC application

Digitech Academy offers course on 20 years old technology Java. From past 15 years Java was always ranked either first or second most popular technology. As per the 2017 Stack overflow Developer Survey JAVA has ranked third most popular technology in world. There is a popular saying among developers that, it’s almost impossible for a developer with JAVA knowledge to not to get a job as a JAVA developer. Android being the number one mobile technology and the fact that Android application are built with JAVA, demand for job opportunity with JAVA knowledge is doubled. According to indeed job portal JAVA, demand for JAVA has not declined with time and remained within top 5 position. Best place to learn this evergreen technology is Digitech Academy institute - Java training bangalore yelahanka. According to latest Tiobe index, Java has remained at no.1 position, which is a good news for aspiring JAVA students. If a developer with JAVA knowledge doesn’t want to get a job then, they have to try very, very hard; because it is very east to get a job than not to get a job.

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